Termite Pest Control


Once structural damage has occurred, the cost could run into thousands of dollars. In fact the average cost of repairs in Australia’s believed to be between $7,000 and $70,000, depending on the size of, and damage to, the property. It is estimated that 1 in 5 homes has or will be affected by Termites. This is why Termite Control, Termite Elimination and Termite Monitoring and Baiting are some important as of your Pest Control and Management strategy.

It estimated by the CSIRO that 650,000 Australian homes are without any form of termite control and have been infested over the last 5 years. Even more staggering is that the estimated cost of damage in Victoria alone exceeds $200 Million.

Termite Control

The key to success in eradication of termites is to exterminate them in the colony wherever possible. We recommend using the termite control system; Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System to create a unique termite interception zone and in some areas the Sentricon IG / AG Always active systems. These systems are safe for you and your pets, and both systems are very effective in treating, protect and eliminating Termites across Australia.

To better understand the features and benefits of Exterra and SentriconTermite Monitoring and Baiting System please download brochures here:

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Preventative Control

Physical and chemical barriers are designed to deter termites. After inspection and evaluation we can provide the best options for your particular situation.

Physical barriers are made from metal or crushed rock or other materials that termites cannot chew through and installed by licensed pest control technicians.

Pesticide barriers are either in-soil or in-plastic and installed by licensed pest control technicians. They contain a pesticide formulated for termites.

We use and recommended as an approved accredited Professional Pest Manager with the Exterra and Sentricon Teams.


How do I know if i have termites?

For peace of mind get one of CPC’s fully licenced and experienced technicians to carry out a Termite Inspection on your home. This inspection will be carried out according to the Australian Standard to ensure that it is comprehensive, accurate and in line with your expectations. This should be completed once a year on all properties. Once completed we will provide you with options manage and eliminate any Pest Control issues at your home or work.

What happens if I have Termites in my home?

We will discuss the options with you and organise a Termite Proposal for you which will tell you exactly how we will fix the problem, cost involved, then you can make an informed decision. This pest can be managed, just because a property has or had termites doesn’t mean you should panic. Let us talk to you about how to control this pest.

Are you buying a Home or Investment Property?

For peace of mind it is best to have a Pre-Purchase Inspection carried out on a house you have made an offer on. These inspections should be carried out annually to further insure you protect your most valuable asset. Talk to us about our Annual Inspection Program and Monitoring and Baiting System that these Termites just hate.

Remedial Treatment

After inspection and evaluation we can provide the best options for your particular situation. These are pesticide barriers, dusts and baits specifically formulated for termites and installed by licensed pest control technicians. We believe the Baiting and Monitoring Systems we install and monitor are the best around and with our comprehensive follow up and reporting service you know that we are watching out for you.

We want to eliminate the whole colony wherever possible. This is where our treatment offering is the best available.

Termite House Damage